Happy Halloween from Elysium.

Happy halloween folks.


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And…… We got him!

It took a lot of work and there were a lot of setbacks along the way but we persevered and managed to defeat the heroic versions of Blackfuse, Paragons and the big boss Garrosh Hellscream before the 6.0 patch, and with time to spare no less.
Blackfuse was a painful fight but Paragons and Garrosh were quite fun to learn, progress and complete.
Well done raiders, very well done. Here are the screenshots.

Garrosh Hellscream 10 heroic

Paragons of the Klaxxi 10 heroic

Siegecrafter Blackfuse 10 heroic

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Oh Thok! We missed one!

Yeah so we killed the big dinobot thing a good long while ago but I forgot to put the kill-shot up. Then I kept forgetting. Apologies, but here it is now and good work to all involved in making him extinct.

Thok 10 heroic

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Heroic spoils ruined.

Is this the box with James Woods in it? No? What about this one?…

This fight is not too different to the normal version back when you first encountered it. There’s a new mechanic, the dps requirement is higher and you need to open the boxes quite aggressively but all in all not to harsh after the arse-ache that is Malkorok heroic.

Good job Raiders.

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Heroic Malkorok rolled.

Malkorok is an annoying encounter in normal difficulty and is even more irritating in Heroic mode.
After lots of tittering about how to deal with the ‘balls’ introduced in the heroic version of the encounter from the so called adult raid team, we set about taking him down. This encounter takes some time for everyone to learn but eventually everything clicked and the first time we made it through the bloodrage with everyone alive he fell over in a most pleasing manner.
Good job raiders.

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We did some more heroic things!

Right, so I have slacked off somewhat in the run up to xmas and a few heroic kill shots are owed. So here they are.

We unplugged Garrosh’s giant sex-toy.

Kicked the twins out of the Orgrimmar throne room.

And court-marshaled his General.

Also we defeated Garrosh himself on 25 man so here’s the picture of that too.

Well done raiders lets keep the kill machine rolling in the new year.

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You call that a heroic drake?

Heroic Galakras down. Really a pushover compared to Sha. Once we worked out the balance of people needed to keep the engineer guys alive and to send almost everyone up the towers this went down really quickly.

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Heroic Sha of Loot killed!

This is a very complicated fight. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous.
It took a bit of time to get the separate aspects of this fight under control, but once we had them down it was an inevitable kill.

Good job raiders.

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Pew! Pew! Pew!

Halloween came along and it was a horror show for the bosses!
First week of heroics, 3 bosses down with progress being made on the fourth. Great work raiders.

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He’s not the warchief. He’s a very naughty boy!

So we killed Garrosh. We’d practiced this fight a bit already. We tweaked and honed our tactics over a couple of nights and had most of the encounter capably handled apart from the final phase where he really starts to throw a wobbler.

Today we went in full of purpose and it all just fell into place, everyone handled their assigned tasks well and he went down on the first pull.

Good job to everyone in the raid team and lets get on to the heroics!

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